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Interested in mini sessions? Join me for an evening at Groff Park this summer. My first session will be Wednesday, July 11, with times at 5:30pm, 6:05pm and 6:40pm.

Since it's later in the day and most of my photo clients are under the age of 10, these sessions will be focused on playing and having fun! We'll be on the playground and if you feel like playing around in the river, that's an option too! 

Send me an email to if you're interested in booking for July 11 or if you'd like to know about later summer sessions. The fee is all-inclusive ($300), which means you get the rights to the images. You'll be able to download, print and share the photos. Each session will be 30 minutes long.

In the meantime, check out a sample of a few sessions at Groff. This is just a tiny portion of all the great photo sessions I've had there. You all know how much I love this park!

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grandparents and babies  

I love this job! I get to make new friends all over town, and I'm always honored to capture these moments for families. Multi-generational shoots are some of my favorites. The littlest sweetie just learned to walk! 

If you're interested in a photo shoot, drop me a line. I'm on summer hours and would love to photograph you and your loved ones. 

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I love being an aunt (and a mom) It's no secret. I love Maine, and I love being an aunt. I feel so lucky that my new job has the summers off because it gave me the freedom to go on adventures with my kiddos. I tallied up my visits to various places in Maine this summer, and I made seven trips! I'm so happy I had the time to spend with these cuties. This top photo is of my two brothers' kids and mine at South Branch Pond in Baxter State Park. The fact that all SEVEN kids are looking at the camera is a downright miracle. I'm going to treasure this one for always. 

L to R Front row: Melanie, Laurel, Emma, Chandler, Aalia / Back row: Holden and Kenza 

Sometimes this girl gives me an older cousin "Aalia" look, and this is one. They are both sweethearts and really enjoy each other's company. (Aalia is in the top photo all the way to right). Her dad and I look a lot alike, so it's not a huge surprise that two of our kids might resemble each other once in a while. 

These photos are with Madden, our nephew on my husband's side, on Cliff Island, Maine, where we started our August road trip throughout Maine. Cliff Island is everything I ever imagined about coastal Maine á la Miss Rumphius and Blueberries for Sal... We roam wild and free all day long and eat lots of ice cream.

Then the kids and I went straight from Portland to my hometown of Patten for a few days. Here we are at Jo-Mary Campground with our band of kiddos. 

And here they are at South Branch Pond. What love Emma has for Chandler!

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Forever Young at Mechuwana

Well, it's no secret. I love this place

I love the people; I love the setting.

When I was eight years old, I remember walking on the trails when I first arrived thinking, "This place is so beautiful. I just can't believe it." Please note: This is coming from a girl who lived in the Northern Maine woods, so I am no shy guy to beauty. If you can picture towering trees, cabins on a crystal clear lake, and trails everywhere, you have an inkling of my awe.

Fast forward a couple days later, and I was terribly homesick. The next year my mom started coming to camp as a volunteer, and we found our way to this music/theatre week. That was 25 summers ago, and here we are. It was such a delight to spend the week with dear friends we have known for all those years, including the mom of this little one.

I credit my love of good music to this camp. Here are a few lullabies Chip and Rian would sing to us: Blackbird, Sweet Baby James, Rocky Raccoon, Teach Your Children, Helplessly Hoping... This year college-bound Chipper sang us Forever Young, and I couldn't help but think about how excited we all were as teenagers when we found out Laurie was pregnant with him. 

I should mention that Holden DID come with me, but he was playing hard at day camp during the day. So I had these cute little muses to keep me company, and they were inseparable. If they weren't together, they were asking about each other. 

I could go on about who much I love this place, but I'd have to write a book. I'll save that for another day.

Happy Birthday, Grammy!


May your hands always be busy
May your feet always be swift
May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift

May your heart always be joyful
May your song always be sung
And may you stay
Forever young

-Bob Dylan


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I'm back!  

I wish I was lounging on this beach the whole time, but alas, I wasn't... 

This fall, I hit my max as a working mom. Something had to give, and my photography business sat on the back burner for a few months, simmering while I spent more time with my little ones. 

It wasn't an easy choice to say no and stop taking sessions for a while, especially in the height of the fall season, but my good friend, Sarah, said it best when I was feeling so torn and exhausted. She said, "Sometimes the hardest thing to say no to is something you love."

This was so true, but here's the good news: I'm back, re-energized, and game for photo sessions in Amherst this summer. 

Who's ready? 

If you're interested, let's talk more. The fastest way to get an answer from me is via email, and then we can set up a phone call if needed. I'll be taking the bulk of my 2017 sessions during June and July, and weekdays are the most flexible, during both the daytime and those lovely golden hours after dinner.

How much, you say? You can read more about my rates here. I charge an all-inclusive fee, which covers the session fee, editing the photos, and your rights to the high-resolution images to download, print and share as you wish. 

I'm taking sessions for families, couples, newborns, high school seniors, etc. Just let me know what you're looking for. 

My camera and I are SO excited to be back. 




p.s. I can't promise any fall sessions right now, since I'm starting a new job at UMass. If you want a photo session, I highly recommend grabbing a summer session. 

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Ashley and Eric's Wedding Love, glam and happiness defined this wedding. Thank you Ashley and Eric for inviting me into your beautiful day. 

I'm one lucky friend and photographer. I say it a lot, but I get the best seat at my dear friends' weddings. And Ashley is quite possibly one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. This girl covered my maternity leave for Holden five years ago, and, as you can imagine, holding down two rowdy residence halls during your first year at UNH was no easy feat... She's a hard worker everyone simply adores, and Eric, he's pretty sweet himself! 

This adorable pair moved to Arizona but came back to New Hampshire for a stunning hometown wedding at the Bedford Village Inn. Ashley got ready at her parents' house with every detail carefully attended to by her sweet mom, and they were both surrounded by the nicest (and most hilarious) friends and family. As you can tell by the pictures, they laughed all day long, even through the chilly temps outside. 

I hope you can see the ultimate glam that was the constant theme throughout this wedding. The beautiful gold and black accents, her hair, the dress, the bouquet, everything! 

Let's get to the pictures because they are so much fun. The entire gallery will be available soon, so if you're a guest or friend, just stay tuned with Ashley and Eric about when the gallery is up. 

Thank you both (and your families) for everything. I had such a blast with you all! 




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Jackie and Joe's Wedding I adore these two. I didn't know them before they booked me. We didn't even talk on the phone. Jackie emailed me, asked if I was free and said, "Good. Let's make it happen!" I met them for the first time in September for their engagement session (with their cute pup), and we created some of my favorite engagement photos to date at Mt. Pollux. Fast forward to October, and I loved their whole day at the Red Barn at Hampshire College. What fun it is to photograph there. The scenery can't be beat. The service is so down-to-earth and friendly, and the tree. Well, the tree is just fantastic. 

Rolling hills and foliage aside, Jackie and Joe made me laugh and tear up throughout their day. In fact, their ceremony has to be the most emotional one I have photographed. As Jackie walked down the aisle, Joe lost it. She saw him, gave him a hug, and laughed throughout the entire ceremony. According to Jackie: "If I didn't keep laughing, I was going to cry, too!"

Their whole day was filled with sweet family and good friends. I have probably never felt the Red Barn's floor bounce as much as it did with Joe and his buddies. Let's just say champagne went everywhere! And, as the DJ said, "What an easy crowd."

Their whole reception was perfect. Did I mention it was on Halloween? They had a table full of costumes including big sunglasses, Mardi Gras beads and masks, and they hosted a lovely "candy bar." I mentioned from the other weddings this year, but candy bars are my favorite wedding trend. Yum! They also sent every guest home with an Atkin's cider donut. What nice hosts! 

Don't miss Joe's Nana at the end. She was the best dancer and never left the dance floor. 

Thank you, Joe and Jackie. I think the world of you both. 

Can't wait to design your album! 



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Chelsea and Andrew's Wedding They never stopped smiling. Welcome to Chelsea and Andrew's wedding! Chelsea's maid of honor said it best, "When Chelsea gets excited, her whole body shakes." Ha! That is totally Chelsea. They are another UNH romance story. Well, Chelsea worked in Res Life and met Andrew while she was there. Now they have started a wonderful life in the beautiful Seacoast area.

Andrew and Chelsea were wed at the gorgeous Clay Hill Farm nestled amongst the trees and minutes from the ocean. They were married at 11 a.m. by one of Andrew's longtime friends, and they kept everything sweet, heartfelt and the details were bursting with color. I loved the flower arrangements and cake. In fact, I even sent a photo of the centerpieces to our local florist for a work related event. What masterpieces! 

One helpful part about knowing the bride and groom before the wedding is that I know some of the things important to them without them even telling me. Chelsea was always the force behind bringing Tom's shoes on campus, even going barefoot some days in awareness of the need for shoes for all children. Of course she wore Tom's down the aisle! 

Chelsea and Andrew prepped me about their big, happy families, and they were not exaggerating! They each have two sets of parents who all get along swimmingly. I would say it's safe to say they are surrounded in love. After I get all the images edited, we'll have many big group photos in the full online gallery.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from that day:
 1. Chelsea and Andrew invited everyone to bring in a wedding photo to display around the reception area. I couldn't resist taking plenty of photos of photos. It was a beautiful sight to see so many happy couples on their wedding days and now. 
2. The ring warming ceremony. Each guest passed the rings amongst the entire congregation and then sent them back up to the front for the ring exchange.
3. The ring exchange. Chelsea and Andrew can tell us more about what happened, but I can tell you there was a lot of laughing.
4. The dancing with Andrew's (and now officially Chelsea's) 18 month old twin nieces. I mean, seriously. There could not be anything more cute. 

I hope you all enjoy the sneak peek. I'll have the whole gallery coming soon to an email inbox near you! Stay tuned. Thank you, Chelsea and Andrew. Your laughter, happy moments and all-out joy made my job a piece of cake. xo!

Music graciously provided by the Adam Ezra Group. My heroes! They play in New England a lot, and I keep hoping the stars will align one year for me to go up to the Stone Church in NH for their Halloween Bash. Sadly, not this year, as I have another wedding back in Amherst but hint, hint! :) 

And now for a little vendor love: 

The dress: Chelsea scored this number from Preowned Wedding Dresses and it was SO lovely. Did you see how it twirled?
The shoes: Tom's
Hair: Jessica Todd at Jessica Todd Salon
Ceremony musician: Pat Keane
DJ: Ryan Parker
Cake: Hippie Chick Bakery
Flowers: Katherine's Garden

And of course, the venue who puts it all together with their terrific wedding packages: Clay Hill Farm. Chelsea and Andrew worked closely with Rachel Davenport at Clay Hill to choose their vendors. 

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Lauren and Mike's Wedding Lauren and Mike started their marriage off right. Everything came together nicely for these two on their wedding day. The skies were bright and their smiles radiant. They brought together all the details at the Red Barn at Hampshire College in such an exquisite way. Probably the most time-intensive project was the wedding quilt Lauren made to hang behind the sweetheart table. I couldn't help but snag multiple shots of this labor of love. The quilt fit right in at the Red Barn and added even more charm to the fairy-tale space. 

Before their wedding, I had only met Lauren and Mike very briefly at an Atkins Farm wedding expo (with a baby strapped to  my chest!). But when I got to Lauren's room at the Lord Jeff, I felt like I had known her forever. She and her bridesmaids welcomed me into their space, and we captured some of my favorite bridesmaids photos to date. You can feel the laughter and the years of strong friendship/sisterly love.  

For a bit of history: Lauren and Mike met at a house party after a swing dance event about five years ago. Lauren was the dancer. Mike didn't dance, but he sure was taken by the girl with the beautiful eyes. The rest sounds like history. They have started a life together surrounded by those who love them. I should also note Mike has perfected his dance moves! There were dips, spins and a lot of laughing. 

At their ceremony they put love letters to each other in a box with a bottle of wine to open on their fifth wedding anniversary. What a great idea! My favorite part of the reception had to be the extensive candy bar Lauren's mom designed. Wow. I'm happy to see this trend amongst weddings. Candy is always a fabulous idea, and Jan took it to the highest level. 

I could go on forever about how much I enjoyed at this wedding: Lauren and Mike's happiness, their sweet relatives, the hoppin' dance party with a great DJ, Mike's little brothers as groomsmen, the delicious food and service at the Red Barn...

All my best to Lauren and Mike. It was such a pleasure to document your day. Now onto the good stuff. Go ahead and hit play for a slideshow of the highlights. The slideshow is best viewed on a computer with the music turned up, maybe even with a nice glass of wine. 

Music is graciously provided by Nina Shallman, who has a new album coming out this summer. Nina is a singer from California and attends Amherst College. Her soulful voice will make anyone feel relaxed! I worked with Nina a few times over the past year, for winter portraits and again for a show at the Iron Horse (on page 4 of the Amherst Magazine). I highly encourage everyone to listen to Daisies on her website. It's Laurel's favorite! 

The Happy Valley Vendors:
Ceremony, catering and reception: The Red Barn at Hampshire College
Flowers and cake: Atkins Farm
Music and day of coordinator: Alex and Lori Hanks 
Hair and makeup: Sei Bella Salon in Amherst
Officiant: Dennis Helmus
Slideshow music: Nina Shallman
Hotel accommodations and bridal portraits: The Lord Jeff

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Lindsay and Dan's Wedding My dear friends Lindsay and Dan got married last weekend. As I'm sifting through the hundreds of photos, I'm struck by the beauty of the day, the laughter, and, quite simply, how blessed we all are to have these two in our lives. 

Dan and Lindsay met as hall directors at UNH, where I used to work. We all knew them as individuals and now as a couple. I'm so happy they found each other and have thrived in their adventures post-UNH. Right now they are on an amazing honeymoon through Europe. Anyone else jealous?! 

Their wedding day went as smooth as could be. I tell everyone it was the perfect backyard wedding, where Lindsay always dreamed of getting married. When I arrived at her parents' house, her mom and dad gave me a tour. The tent and ceremony site were all set up. All the colors, activities and little touches, were ready to go, and the ceremony was exactly what Lindsay imagined: right in front of the barn. 

One of the most meaningful touches was highlighting the Quaker traditions of Lindsay's family (most notably her beloved grandmother). These traditions included friends standing up during the ceremony to offer their support of the couple and everyone signing the marriage certificate to be displayed in Lindsay and Dan's home. Another idea Lindsay and Dan implemented was an unplugged wedding where their officiant asked everyone to put down their cameras and phones to be fully present. Dan and Lindsay hired me for a reason, and it was my job to capture the moments. I've never had a couple do this, but I've always wanted to ask. I guess I'm too nice, but honestly, it was the best. My photos are available to everyone at the wedding, and I didn't end up with an iPad in the bridal recession. ;) 

The flow of the day was lovely. Dan and Lindsay chose to do a first look, so we met up in Exeter to have them see each other and do their portraits. Then all the guests started arriving at their house. They were wed by the lovely Michelle Blanchette (another amazing former hall director), and then the party began! It was a hot day but no one seemed to mind. We all dined on lobster, laughed (and cried) during the toasts, drank a lot of beer, visited outside until darkness fell, and then the dancing BEGAN! I knew it would be a good dancing wedding with Lindsay as the host. At all our past UNH weddings, Lindsay was always leading the Cupid Shuffle, but now she was the one in a white dress but still leading!

My camera could not get enough of Lindsay and Dan's beautiful faces. Their laughter, their love and their style were too much to handle. Check out these bowties, the yellow polkadot shoes, the brilliant sunflowers...It's all there. Oh, and at the end, everyone lit sparklers, the DJ blasted "Wagon Wheel" and they danced. It could not have been more perfect. 

Music graciously provided by Adam Ezra. You know, every once in a while, a little miracle happens. I was surfing Adam's website, wondering if he has released a new song that would complement Dan and Lindsay's slideshow, and low-and-behold, his group released this video of "Let Your Hair Down." You'll want to watch it, but you might want to be ready to shed a few tears. Adam Ezra is donating proceeds to the SamFund, an organization assisting individuals and families recovering from cancer treatment.  All profits from the online photo gallery (coming soon) will go to support the SamFund. Thank you, Adam, for your philanthropy and for using your artistry to move us all. Everyone at this wedding will know just how powerful your work is. Thank you. 

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to go dry my eyes. 

Love you, Dan and Lindsay! 




Classy vendors:
Slideshow music by Adam Ezra
Amazing lobster/clam bake provided by Fosters
Venue: Lindsay's childhood home
Brewskies by Throwback Brewery
Dress by Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth, NH
Hair and makeup by Elation Salon in Kingston, NH
DJ: George MacMahon of McMahon Sound Systems
Day of Coordinator: The amazing Amy Allgaier (Thank you, Amy!)

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Laurel in the Lilacs

In a last-minute decision tonight, we all jumped in the minivan and went over to Lilac Land. We lasted about 5 minutes, but 5 minutes wasn't too shabby for this cute girl! 

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Cabin Fever Amherst MA Photographer

Well, if you're anything like the rest of New England, you had a snow day today. We had a great time being outside this weekend, but the temps seemed a bit too drastic to take the kiddos sledding today. Come this afternoon, we had exhausted just about every trick in the book, including plenty of Fireman Sam videos and nap time for the little one. We had a lovely day relaxing, but I decided to break up the boredom a bit and grabbed my camera for some play-time shots. 

Amherst MA Photographer Amherst MA Photographer

Amherst MA Photographer

Amherst MA Photographer

My "little" guy is looking too big!

Amherst MA Photographer Amherst MA Photographer

A little yoga baby...

Amherst MA Photographer Amherst MA Photographer

It wouldn't be a true "lifestyle" shot if someone wasn't picking his nose...

Amherst MA Photographer

Oh the love...both earnest and sarcastic...

Amherst MA Photographer

Laurel LOVES her baby dolls. This one was mine!

Amherst MA Photographer

Even baby dolls get tickled!

Amherst MA Photographer


Happy Snow Day to all you followers. Thank you for always supporting this dream of mine to become a better photographer for THIS reason: Taking good pictures of my kids. 

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Alexis and Matt I was reminded the other day of this beautiful wedding. Back in late June, Matt contacted me the week of the wedding, asking if I might be free for a few hours to photograph he and Alexis' laid back, family-focused ceremony at the UMass Renaissance Center. I jumped at the chance. These two were so sweet and kind. I instantly liked them, and they were obviously very loved by their friends and family. 

We started with their portraits of the two of them, and then WHO came around the corner but their minister, who also happens to be one of my favorite people here in Amherst: My husband's boss! What a delight it was to photograph a wedding with Lee. Of course he led a beautiful, heart-felt service. Alexis and Matt made a fine choice, indeed!

Their day is a wonderful memory of a nice start of summer on this snowy day. 

Talk about gorgeous. The photo of Alexis on the swing still make me catch my breath. What a beautiful, happy couple. 

Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer

Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer

Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer Amherst MA Wedding Photographer

I'm currently booking for 2015 and 2016. August and early September 2015 are booking up, but there are spring time weddings available plus fall. I will only be taking local weddings for the remaining open dates of 2015. 

Check my availability here. 

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Nina Shallman Amherst MA Photographer

Right before the holidays, this beautiful singer got in touch with me. She was about to release a new Christmas album and needed new portraits. We jaunted around my new "second home" of Amherst College. This grove of trees is quite possibly one of my favorite places. I'm so glad someone thought to plant them all. 

Nina is an amazing singer and songwriter. You should definitely check out her work. Laurel especially loves the song Daisies. 

Thank you Nina for finding me. 

Nina's website

Amherst MA Photographer Amherst MA Photographer

Amherst MA Photographer


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Lindsay and Dan: Engaged  

Right after we moved from UNH (or was it right before?), Dan and Lindsay officially started dating. I'm so happy for them both. I'm incredibly honored they asked me to join them on their big day next July. I'm looking forward to every little detail of their day. They came to visit us in late October for some engagement shots. We had such a fun time, both jaunting around posing and hosting them in our crazy family life. This shot above on the church steps was one of the last ones we got on our NoHo tour. I was feeling like a greedy photographer making them continue to "work" it for the camera...but I'm so glad we did! 

Love you guys! Can't wait for July. 



Northampton MA Wedding Photographer

Northampton MA Wedding Photographer Northampton MA Wedding Photographer Northampton MA Wedding Photographer Northampton MA Wedding Photographer

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Where does the sheep go to get his hair cut? "To the BAAAA-BAAA!" 

Amherst MA Child Photographer

Can you hear them laughing? I still can!

I never knew I was so funny...

Amherst MA Child Photographer Amherst MA Child Photographer Amherst MA Child Photographer

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Siobhan and Henry's Wedding "The taste of love is sweet,

When hearts like ours meet."

-Mr. Johnny Cash

"Oh I'll be June, and you'll be John.

and we'll play aloud to every song."

-Anna and Dave Patterson of the High Spirits

Welcome to Siobhan and Henry's beautiful wedding day at Smith College in Northampton, MA. The couple traveled from Alaska to meet up with their families to visit and celebrate in their marriage. I had never met Siobhan and Henry before their wedding (or even talked on the phone!). Her mom found me and booked me for their day. The entire wedding was planned from a distance, with her mom and dad living in Arizona and Henry's parents in Buffalo. It was a great combined effort for their families to bring everything together. Henry's mom MADE the beautiful cake herself. What a work of art! 

As the photographer, I truly enjoyed Siobhan and Henry's wedding. Their main focus throughout the day was to be able to visit with their guests who all traveled a distance to be with them. We did a set of portraits of them before the wedding, along with their family photos to not be rushed after the ceremony. The rain held off until the actual ceremony when it poured and umbrellas came out, but everyone smiled and soldiered on! It only actually rained during the ceremony, but before and after provided lovely clouded skies to provide beautiful light for us. 

Instead of a wedding party, Siobhan and Henry asked close friends and family to read at the service and serve as a choir to lead the congregation in songs. They started off with a beautiful rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" and ended the ceremony with a laughing, rousing version of "Ring of Fire." Hence why I chose my friend Anna's music for the soundtrack. A fun song about Johnny Cash and June Carter? How perfect? Anna and Dave perform at weddings in Southern Maine. See the vendor information at the bottom of the blog for more info! 

At this wedding, I saw a lot of laughing, hugging, and simple happiness of being together, and because the day was a relaxed pace, I had the time to be creative, capture candids and tell the story of their day in a nice documentary style. In the photos, I hope you can see what I saw this beautiful October day. The love they feel for each other is evident. Most grooms are smitten with their brides, but I could tell Henry really was (and of course vice versa)! They cared for each other and saw their day with a relaxed attitude, even though I know it was a challenge to bring it all together from quite a few time zones away. 

This venue at the Conference Center at Smith might be one of my favorite new locations for a wedding. The lighting was fantastic, and the spaces for the cocktail hour and the reception overlooked the river. Smith College is one of the most gorgeous campuses in the country, and the staff was excellent. Henry and Siobhan made a stellar choice, even without having any ties to the college. 

Henry and Siobhan (and your mom!), thank you for booking me and inviting me along to your beautiful day. I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I do. You were both stunning and happy. 

All my best, 


Below are my top 10 favorite images of the day but above are 60+ for viewing with music from the High Spirits. The entire gallery (400+) will be up in the next week or so. Guests, stay tuned to your email from the couple! 


My favorites: 

Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography Northampton MA Wedding Photography

Beautiful flowers were courtesy of Old Friends Farm in Amherst. 

The cake: Henry's mom

Venue: Smith College Conference Center

Catering: Chanterelle (both casual and elegant options!)



If you are getting married in Southern Maine, Anna and Dave Patterson of the High Spirits would be an excellent choice for your ceremony and cocktail hour music. Anna and I grew up going to the same Music Theatre summer camp, and her voice is rich and soulful. She married an awesome guy who can write and sing some amazing songs. They can also perform any amazing covers of songs dear to your heart. Check them out and tell them Beth sent you! 

You can see them perform live here:

Their website:

Thank you Dave and Anna for providing this Johnny Cash inspired song! 

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Corissa and Jason's Wedding  

"Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing." 

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Hit play and click on the little square to make it full screen!

Here are the highlights of my oldest and dearest friend Corissa's wedding to Jason. Where to even begin? 

Corissa and Jason met in high school on a Close-Up trip to Washington, DC (this girl was her roommate). They stayed in touch and fell in serious love over ten years later. They've built this life together based on a long-ago friendship and have weathered some of the hardest storms anyone could face. Jason's laid back, quiet presence compliments Corissa's friendly, outgoing personality perfectly. They are loved by everyone and this day came together nicely for them. It was filled with many home-town touches. Every vendor was a part of her life. Her hairstylist was a fellow cheerleader of ours, her DJ is the go-to guy for Patten weddings, another friend made beautiful bracelets for Corissa and her awesome bridesmaids, and talk about being floored and honored...She asked me to be her photographer. 

I'm so ridiculously happy for her. Can you feel the joy and happiness in these pictures? I think it was a seriously amazing day, and Corissa was the most organized yet go-with-the-flow bride. I was amazed. 

On a sad note, there was someone missing on this day. Corissa's dad, Richie, passed away a little over a year ago. Being someone who has known her relationship with her dad since we were 4 years old, I can say it was a model. A dad who loved her to the moon and vice versa. He was missed for sure, but I know his spirit was there the whole time. He was the sun beaming down on her as she walked down the aisle. He was the happy-go-lucky, hard working attitude that defined the day, and there was not a dry eye in the place in her mother/daughter dance. "So fathers be good to your daughters/Daughters will love like you do/Girls become lovers who turn into mothers/So mothers, be good to your daughters too." 

Marie and Richie, you were both always a second set of parents to me and everyone else. Thank you. Your homes were always welcoming to all, and thank you Marie for teaching us how to dance...It was a supreme honor to photograph (and be with) Corissa and Jason. I'm so happy for you all. Jason's family is so incredibly nice. What a blessing to be surrounded with wonderful family, near and far. 

So much love to the two of you. May your marriage be as much of a beautiful blessing as your wedding day. It was wonderful. Thank you Jason, for humoring me and my camera. You're a good one. Corissa is a lucky gal! 

Many more pictures are coming. These are just the icing on the cake. Friends and family, stay tuned to your emails from the couple. 


They were married at the Morgan Hill Event Center with some of the nicest staff ever. 

Flowers from Lougee and Fredericks:

Harmony Bidwell Student Cosmetologist (look her up on Facebook). She's in the Portland Area

DJ Shawn Rigby:


As for the music on the slideshow. I have used this song so many times recently, but seriously. It could have been written for these two, and Eric Bettencourt is from our hometown area, so...Here it is again. Mad props and thanks to Eric for letting me use his music. He's home in Portland this week doing a few shows!




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A walk together Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer

Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer

The other day my little man and I went for a walk. We took our time, looking around and met up unexpectedly with a Grandpa and his granddaughter, who is almost exactly a year older than Ho. We had a nice walk, which gave me some time to take some photos of just my little man. I am relishing any time we have one on one. It makes all the difference (to both of us). 

Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer

Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer Amherst MA PhotographerAmherst MA Photographer

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Alex and Tray's Wedding  


It might have rained on their wedding day, but these two don't need luck. They are truly in love! 


I was honored to be emailed by Tray to ask if I would be available to do photograph he and Alex's wedding. I was excited to meet them both. They are living and going to school in Arizona but wanted to come back to the East Coast for their wedding. Friends and family came from near and far to celebrate their love. I was honored to be in their presence. 

It did rain throughout the ceremony and reception, but these two's spirits were not dampened one bit! They worked hard to get everything together under the tent behind Alex's aunt's house, and the party was a huge success. Plenty of dancing, laughter, and the food! The food was amazing. Alex's cousin is a chef who worked with his dad to prepare the dinner. It was probably the best wedding food I've ever had. So delicious. 

Thankfully the rain did let up a little bit and the guys and I were able to do their wedding portraits in the backyard. I'm so glad they were brave and didn't care about a little rain. 

It was such an honor to be invited to document their beautiful day. Let's just say, they were ridiculously nice. I didn't know them before the big day, but I'm so glad I do now. They both make the world a better place. Thank you both. I just wish you lived closer! 


Music is graciously provided by Eric Bettencourt:

A musician from my hometown, making it big! I love this song, especially for couples who have been together for a long time like Alex and Tray. 


Please note, these are just the highlights of the wedding. Many more photos are coming to Alex and Tray's gallery in about a week.

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