Wendy and Rick's Wedding

October 21, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Here is Wendy and Rick's beautiful day. It's hard to really put into words what it's like to photograph your "little" cousin's wedding. I felt honored and just maybe a little bit old...

Wendy looked beautiful as always, and the day just flew by seamlessly. The attention to detail was evident everywhere. The colors were lovely, their wedding party was fun, and I had such a nice time capturing pictures of people I care about. Her dad might have been my favorite to capture (aside from Rick and Wendy of course!). Howie is a fun loving guy and I think I got some good ones of him! From the ceremony to the fun pictures at Capitol Park to a rockin' reception: It was a great wedding day. Once the music started, Wendy did not leave the dance floor. No surprise there though! 

I hadn't met Rick until about an hour before the ceremony. I instantly "approved." Throughout the day, I saw that Wendy found herself a truly nice guy. I'm so happy for both of them and honored they entrusted me to capture their day. 



Click on the slideshow below for a few of my favorites, and by a few....I mean almost 100. It was a very fun wedding. My mom, dad and baby girl all make appearances. :) The entire gallery will be coming soon! 


Since this is a family wedding, I have to blog a little bit about how much this meant to photograph their wedding. I have a lot of cousins and technically Wendy and her brothers are my second cousins. However, my friends from camp always referred to her mom Susie as my aunt, and I never felt the need to correct them. I would say our moms are as close as sisters. Even though we lived three hours apart, we visited them in Augusta and they were regular visitors at our house too. 

If you know what a "flashbulb memory" is (when you can remember where you were when you heard certain news), I was about seven or eight years old, laying on my bed reading when my mom came to tell me that Susie had her baby: Wendy. I was excited there would be another girl, and she was the cutest baby! I wish I had a picture to post on here of the two of us. I have literally had the joy of watching Wendy grow up. 

Oh, and I accredit being around Howie as part of my great music influence...I mean, with a band called "Howie and the Hubcaps" how can you not be love rock 'n roll? 

: D


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