An update

November 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Oh man, 

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. Most of that is intentional. I love blogging, but it's actually pretty time-intensive for me. I made an easy pact to myself that I would only blog weddings in the height of this season. I've had a full schedule with sessions too, but my hope is to blog a favorite image or two from sessions once the dust settles. There are some pure gems!

This photo of Holden is a part of a series that I snapped yesterday after Josh took him to Boston to Nana & Grandpa's for the weekend. He came home totally exhausted on fun. He fell asleep in the car 15 minutes before arriving home and just melted into me. It was the sweetest homecoming ever. 

I'd love to write more. Laurel rolled over today (from back to front) for the first time! That's about all I've got...I started this blog almost an hour ago, and this is how far I've come...

Off to at least start editing a session before the big baby photo shoot tomorrow!


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