A walk in the park

March 13, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a long time since I've been blogging, and I've missed it. I love blogging! A lot has happened this winter. I still feel a bit overwhelmed with the notion of being a mom to two babies, but I'm also very excited. We found out last week that we're having a girl! When I first found out I was pregnant, I felt like it was a girl, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too high. I thought to myself, "It's just because you've been around so many beautiful baby girls this year..." I also thought I was just going to have boys for some reason, so I feel very lucky and excited for something new, something different, and probably lots of cute girl clothes. 

The other day, I was emailing with my very good friend Angela. She has a boy and a girl, who are spaced just about the same as Holden and his future sister. I had a realization that I have been just trying to stop and appreciate everything about Holden that makes him a boy lately. He has boundless energy and can be such a love. I've never had a girl, but I'm sure some things will be the same and some will be different. I know that based on Holden's sweet personality (like his dad's), he'll be a really good big brother, even if it takes him a little adjusting. 

This past week, we went to our park across the street. It has been a long winter of looking longingly across the street to the swings...We had the sweetest summer last year with playdates and meeting new families at the park. I can feel this summer will be even better with knowing so many more families, and even a few live pretty close to the park! 

Holden and I went down to the stream to look for ducks and who came along but a sweet doggie and his family. The nice family was headed on an adventure of hiking on the trail, so of course we couldn't just go back to the park....We must follow that dog! The last picture is of Holden screaming, "Doggie! Doggie!" He is completely enamored with dogs, and he seems to like labs the best. The bigger the better for this guy. He's never phased by a large dog and always wants to pet them. He told me today that he wanted to ride Barney (our neighbor's dog...). I wonder how long I can be a dog free home...

I'm off to wake Holden up soon. Thankfully he has napped today, despite his naps being all off from daylight savings time. It's a beautiful day here, and we will be abandoning all housework and heading to the park!


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