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Announcing beautiful Rowan! She was the sweetest, which is really no surprise based on her parents. As with many of my photography clients, I have a connection to them. Kim was our post-delivery nurse for our birth of Holden. She made us feel so welcome, cared for, and both Josh and I felt connected to her immediately. She went to UNH and knew one of my supervisors and a former hall director. We stayed in touch, and when she was pregnant with Rowan, she asked if I would be willing to photograph her as a newborn. We both agreed it was a lovely full-circle experience for both of us. 

As I held little Rowan for the first half hour of our session/visit, I realized she was the first newborn I've held since knowing I was pregnant. She snuggled nicely with my little girl and made me even more excited for a new little bundle. Even though Rowan wasn't interested in sleeping (she snoozed for about 2 minutes...evidenced below!), but she was a dream. Sweetest of all sweets...I'd take her home, but I know her parents are beyond smitten with her. :) 


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