Katie and Michael's Wedding

September 10, 2013  •  2 Comments

Amherst MA Wedding Photographer

Ah, life is just beautiful. I am elated Katie and Michael asked me to photograph their wedding. They were married at MY favorite place in the world, and I bet it's one of theirs too: Camp Mechuwana. We all grew up going there as campers and staff members. If I could describe this place and the community behind it, I would be at this blog all day. It's breathtaking, spiritual, relaxed, accepting, loving, and most of all, fun. Everyone comes as themselves and is loved for it. 

I am so glad Katie and Michael met. I've known them both forever (Michael since he was probably 4 or 5!), and I just adored being a part of their day. I had the best time, and have enjoyed re-living the entire experience through these photos. I hope you all enjoy. The photo booth was also a rip-roaring good time and deserves its own blog post. To follow in a few days...

To make the slideshow full screen, hit play and click the little box on the lower right hand corner. Make sure your sound is on. :) 


Music provided by: Eric Bettencourt

Website: http://http://www.eric-bettencourt.com

Eric is a fantastic artist from my hometown. Please check out his work! This song spoke to me as soon as I heard it. Katie and Michael knew each other for a long time before they started dating, and then everything just "fell into place." Thank you Eric for the great music!


Jennifer Harmon(non-registered)
So beautiful.
Kris VanDerburgh(non-registered)
Best photos of a wedding ever! Was it the exceptional photographer? The cast of wedding characters? Yes. I think. Both. Simply sublime......
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