Corissa and Jason's Wedding

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"Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing." 

-Robert Louis Stevenson

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Here are the highlights of my oldest and dearest friend Corissa's wedding to Jason. Where to even begin? 

Corissa and Jason met in high school on a Close-Up trip to Washington, DC (this girl was her roommate). They stayed in touch and fell in serious love over ten years later. They've built this life together based on a long-ago friendship and have weathered some of the hardest storms anyone could face. Jason's laid back, quiet presence compliments Corissa's friendly, outgoing personality perfectly. They are loved by everyone and this day came together nicely for them. It was filled with many home-town touches. Every vendor was a part of her life. Her hairstylist was a fellow cheerleader of ours, her DJ is the go-to guy for Patten weddings, another friend made beautiful bracelets for Corissa and her awesome bridesmaids, and talk about being floored and honored...She asked me to be her photographer. 

I'm so ridiculously happy for her. Can you feel the joy and happiness in these pictures? I think it was a seriously amazing day, and Corissa was the most organized yet go-with-the-flow bride. I was amazed. 

On a sad note, there was someone missing on this day. Corissa's dad, Richie, passed away a little over a year ago. Being someone who has known her relationship with her dad since we were 4 years old, I can say it was a model. A dad who loved her to the moon and vice versa. He was missed for sure, but I know his spirit was there the whole time. He was the sun beaming down on her as she walked down the aisle. He was the happy-go-lucky, hard working attitude that defined the day, and there was not a dry eye in the place in her mother/daughter dance. "So fathers be good to your daughters/Daughters will love like you do/Girls become lovers who turn into mothers/So mothers, be good to your daughters too." 

Marie and Richie, you were both always a second set of parents to me and everyone else. Thank you. Your homes were always welcoming to all, and thank you Marie for teaching us how to dance...It was a supreme honor to photograph (and be with) Corissa and Jason. I'm so happy for you all. Jason's family is so incredibly nice. What a blessing to be surrounded with wonderful family, near and far. 

So much love to the two of you. May your marriage be as much of a beautiful blessing as your wedding day. It was wonderful. Thank you Jason, for humoring me and my camera. You're a good one. Corissa is a lucky gal! 

Many more pictures are coming. These are just the icing on the cake. Friends and family, stay tuned to your emails from the couple. 


They were married at the Morgan Hill Event Center with some of the nicest staff ever. 

Flowers from Lougee and Fredericks:

Harmony Bidwell Student Cosmetologist (look her up on Facebook). She's in the Portland Area

DJ Shawn Rigby:


As for the music on the slideshow. I have used this song so many times recently, but seriously. It could have been written for these two, and Eric Bettencourt is from our hometown area, so...Here it is again. Mad props and thanks to Eric for letting me use his music. He's home in Portland this week doing a few shows!





Thank You!(non-registered)
Every time I look at this slideshow, I find a new favorite photo. Each photo captures something unique and different but every one of them captures Love! That's what I like the most. Your work is magnificent. I can't thank you enough for being a part of our special day! Love You!
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