Julia & Eric's Wedding

June 18, 2014  •  1 Comment

My very dear friend Julia married Eric this past weekend. It was amazing and filled with a lot of laughter (just a few tears) and plenty of stellar dance moves!

Julia and Eric met while working at UNH and they have brought Res Life and Admissions so much closer! Res Life friends are now besties with Admissions. I am just so happy for the both of them. Eric has found himself a lovely lady (a friend and colleague I always have admired), and Julia has found her "lobster." They are perfect for each other. They appreciate humor, being silly together and are so incredibly happy in love. I think I know Julia pretty well for having worked with closely her for 4 years, and immediately upon meeting Eric, I knew she had found the one to make her laugh, love her to the moon, and make an amazing life together. 

I would write more about how blessed I am to have Julia (and now Eric in my life), but alas...their gallery would never get done! I do have to put it out there that Julia is one of my favorite people. I was her host when she interviewed at UNH, and that evaluation was pretty darn easy! I had hoped she would take over the hall I was leaving, but to my delight, she was placed in the hall next door to me in the New Quad. That was a really fun two years together. I left the wedding wishing I could time travel (or shape the future) and get to work together again. 

All my best to the two of you. 

Thank you. 



Music generously provided by: The Adam Ezra Group 




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