Lindsay and Dan's Wedding

July 20, 2015  •  3 Comments

My dear friends Lindsay and Dan got married last weekend. As I'm sifting through the hundreds of photos, I'm struck by the beauty of the day, the laughter, and, quite simply, how blessed we all are to have these two in our lives. 

Dan and Lindsay met as hall directors at UNH, where I used to work. We all knew them as individuals and now as a couple. I'm so happy they found each other and have thrived in their adventures post-UNH. Right now they are on an amazing honeymoon through Europe. Anyone else jealous?! 

Their wedding day went as smooth as could be. I tell everyone it was the perfect backyard wedding, where Lindsay always dreamed of getting married. When I arrived at her parents' house, her mom and dad gave me a tour. The tent and ceremony site were all set up. All the colors, activities and little touches, were ready to go, and the ceremony was exactly what Lindsay imagined: right in front of the barn. 

One of the most meaningful touches was highlighting the Quaker traditions of Lindsay's family (most notably her beloved grandmother). These traditions included friends standing up during the ceremony to offer their support of the couple and everyone signing the marriage certificate to be displayed in Lindsay and Dan's home. Another idea Lindsay and Dan implemented was an unplugged wedding where their officiant asked everyone to put down their cameras and phones to be fully present. Dan and Lindsay hired me for a reason, and it was my job to capture the moments. I've never had a couple do this, but I've always wanted to ask. I guess I'm too nice, but honestly, it was the best. My photos are available to everyone at the wedding, and I didn't end up with an iPad in the bridal recession. ;) 

The flow of the day was lovely. Dan and Lindsay chose to do a first look, so we met up in Exeter to have them see each other and do their portraits. Then all the guests started arriving at their house. They were wed by the lovely Michelle Blanchette (another amazing former hall director), and then the party began! It was a hot day but no one seemed to mind. We all dined on lobster, laughed (and cried) during the toasts, drank a lot of beer, visited outside until darkness fell, and then the dancing BEGAN! I knew it would be a good dancing wedding with Lindsay as the host. At all our past UNH weddings, Lindsay was always leading the Cupid Shuffle, but now she was the one in a white dress but still leading!

My camera could not get enough of Lindsay and Dan's beautiful faces. Their laughter, their love and their style were too much to handle. Check out these bowties, the yellow polkadot shoes, the brilliant sunflowers...It's all there. Oh, and at the end, everyone lit sparklers, the DJ blasted "Wagon Wheel" and they danced. It could not have been more perfect. 

Music graciously provided by Adam Ezra. You know, every once in a while, a little miracle happens. I was surfing Adam's website, wondering if he has released a new song that would complement Dan and Lindsay's slideshow, and low-and-behold, his group released this video of "Let Your Hair Down." You'll want to watch it, but you might want to be ready to shed a few tears. Adam Ezra is donating proceeds to the SamFund, an organization assisting individuals and families recovering from cancer treatment.  All profits from the online photo gallery (coming soon) will go to support the SamFund. Thank you, Adam, for your philanthropy and for using your artistry to move us all. Everyone at this wedding will know just how powerful your work is. Thank you. 

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to go dry my eyes. 

Love you, Dan and Lindsay! 




Classy vendors:
Slideshow music by Adam Ezra
Amazing lobster/clam bake provided by Fosters
Venue: Lindsay's childhood home
Brewskies by Throwback Brewery
Dress by Madeleine's Daughter in Portsmouth, NH
Hair and makeup by Elation Salon in Kingston, NH
DJ: George MacMahon of McMahon Sound Systems
Day of Coordinator: The amazing Amy Allgaier (Thank you, Amy!)


You are such a gem! I can't stop looking at all of the pictures! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! We are so lucky to have you in our lives <3 Love you!
Amy Allgaier(non-registered)
Beautiful words to accompany beautiful photos... You did an amazing job capturing the essence of their day; Lindsay and Dan will cherish these!
(And thanks for the shout out! You're too kind!!!)
I think this is the best work I've ever seen from you. Don't get me wrong..I love all of your work...but I was completely transported to this wedding though your eyes. You are a fabulous photographer. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all :)
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